Stanislav has been essential in developing my financial outlook in a way that gives me a better overall sense of where I am and where I’m going.  
With Stanislav on staff, I feel confident through the consistent reporting and communication between my bookkeeper, accountant and Stanislav who has provided me an in depth analysis of current operations centered around financial discipline at an executive level.  
In addition, having Stanislav on staff has helped me with through some funding difficulties centered around my growth, especially the opening of my new location.  

"These CFOs have a bigger role than accountants, who mainly keep track of the company's books. They work with business owners to manage their accounting and finance departments, connect them with business resources that can help them grow and provide financial data to help make strategic long-term or day-to-day decisions",

Wall Street Journal

Having known Stanislav both personally as well as professionally for nearly a decade, I can wholeheartedly recommend his services. He was able to guide us through the fog to experience new heights. My entire team and I are better off for having profited from his knowledge and experience.
— EBW, Investment Management
I consider Stanislav to be one of the leading financial expert in the healthcare industry. Unlike any other financial advisor, he provided unique, effective, and cost efficient solutions for my growing private medical practice. With his vast experience in finance & business development, Stanislav makes the perfect part time CFO for day-to-day business operations and growth strategy.
— Dr. Elena Z. Proactive Health: a Naturopathic Clinic
Companies with under $10 million in annual revenue can seldom justify a full-time chief financial officer (CFO). This doesn’t mean they don’t have growth goals to take them to the next level, or problems and issues requiring the attention of a senior financial executive. It’s just that they don’t have a need for top-level talent every day. That is precisely why more companies are engaging with part-time CFOs.
— Entrepreneur Magazine
Stanislav is a powerhouse. He has been the driving force in organizing two of my businesses finances while providing much needed lucidity. Stanislav’s value has been immense from the start has been immense. He has been a full-time, big picture solution at a part-time cost.
— Sean McCormick, Float Seattle|Bellevue