Full-time solution for a part-time cost.

Every business situation is unique, yet we believe that every business situation benefits from proven, structured approaches to analysis, decision-making, and implementation. Financial Clarity Consulting deployed a methodology designed to help identify financial strengths and weaknesses and take the steps necessary to position the company for the best strategic value.

Your profitability and a level of clarity are closely intertwined, and our founder, Stanislav Zinkov, understands that performing your best can help your Company attract right investment, retain top talent, and scale. He offers a wide variety of financial tools and encourages you to arrange a personal review of your Company’s financial needs.

These CFOs have a bigger role than accountants, who mainly keep track of the company’s books. They work with business owners to manage their accounting and finance departments, connect them with business sources that can help them grow and provide financial data to help make strategic long-term or day-to-day decisions.
— Wall Street Journal

Here's Seattle & Bellevue's Part-time CFO solution:

The single greatest benefit of our part-time CFO services: High quality of work with predictable monthly payment at a fraction of full-time CFO cost. 

Part-time CFO Services

Understanding how to finance, control, and ultimately owe the expense lines on your Profit and Loss statement requires expertise and knowledge. Using our methodologies, we rigorously analyze the situation and quickly develop comprehensive, fact-based analysis that illuminate the key strategic, operational, and financial issues. The fact-based analysis, in combination with our experience, drives the focus for critical decision-making. 

What Can You Expect

Financial Clarity Consulting provides weekly knowledge-on-demand for a predictable investment.


Let's talk about leveraging your business' finances to help your company grow.