Financial Clarity Consulting is a finance consulting firm that specializes in part-time CFO solutions and delivers specialized firepower exactly when and where it’s needed. We can help companies in any industry overcome a remarkable array of finance challenges throughout their lifecycle. Whatever stage you’re at and whatever milestone you’re approaching, we can get you through it.

Chances are, you're considering a financial consultant or a full-time CFO as an addition to your team to accomplish more than simply improving your books - you also want to enhance your company’s strength and enjoy greater clarity in all that you do. We have seen first-hand amazing changes in Seattle and Bellevue companies which engage us for part-time CFO services. We look forward to helping you begin your Company transformation as well.

Your profitability and a level of clarity are closely intertwined, and at Financial Clarity Consulting we understand that performing your best can help your Company attract right investment, retain top talent, and scale. We offer a wide variety of financial tool and encourages you to arrange a personal review  of your Company’s financial needs with our founder, Stanislav Zinkov.

Renting a CFO for $100 to $200 an hour gives companies access to experienced CFOs, who normally command salaries of $100,000 to $150,000 a year. An average assignment lasts 18 to 20 months.
— Seattle Times

Small Business Consulting

Change is part of every business and may include growth, divestiture, merger, partnership, or transformation. We are skilled financial and operations professionals with entrepreneurial experience and we help companies capitalize on broader market growth or in many cases, overcome limited growth opportunity.

We often guide executives through the maze financial and operational policy interdependence, especially in revenue cycle,  and then lead those efforts to successful transaction. Our professionals acknowledge that decisions taken to steer the company in the right direction always carry a degree of risk, but we keep our eye on the objective that the outcome must always optimize the return for stakeholders.

We help Seattle and Bellevue based companies with $1 million or more in revenue leverage their historical organic performance to accelerate or continue that growth through a turnaround. From ideas to implementation, find out how we help your business grow.


Let's meet face to face and discover why we’re better than a typical financial consultant.

Why Clarity? Because unlike other financial consultant who talk about numbers, we help you visualize your numbers.