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Stanislav leads Financial Clarity Consulting which is based in Redmond, WA. By partnering up with his clients on their transformation he reshapes fundamental operating models and financial approaches, drives revenue growth and profit improvement for companies in consumer-facing industries, including strategy, implementation, and capability building.

Stanislav brings a unique blend of experiences to his clients by combining the insights developed over more a decades as a financial-consulting professional with the firsthand executive expertise gained during his service as Chief Financial Officer at EchoNous, a KKR Life Sciences portfolio company. He has worked as a CFO for a public & private equity owned portfolio companies with subsidiaries and operations in the U.S., Australia, Austria, and Japan. As a result, Stanislav knows what it’s like to develop recommendations, but he also knows what it’s like to act on them. He helps his clients create comprehensive growth strategies that balance revenue and profits with pragmatism and sustainability.

In addition, over the years Stanislav has been sought after and invited on multiple occasions by Stanford Graduate School of Business to mentors Chief Executive Officers through the university’s Business Executive Leadership Program.

Stanislav has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Master of Business Administration from Western Washington University.

Stanislav Zinkov on Harvard Route, Mt. Huntington, Alaska Range.

Stanislav Zinkov on Harvard Route, Mt. Huntington, Alaska Range.

Without enthusiasm on the part of the Financial Officer, there is no energy, there is no excitement, there is no spirit. I believe it is infectious and makes the difference between creating an ordinary project and an extraordinary one.

— Stanislav Zinkov, Founder & CEO

Leading the Rigid Designator in Vail, CO.

Leading the Rigid Designator in Vail, CO.

Personal Life & Passions

Stanislav is a leader and an inspiration born of his own personal history.

He’s happily married, has one son, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

When not with his clients or his family, Stanislav enjoys alpinism, running, working out, and hiking.

In 2006, he was recognized by National Park Service and awarded Mislow-Swanson Denali Pro Award for single-handedly saving two climbers on Denali above 18,000ft during climbing expedition.

He has volunteered on Mountain Search & Rescue for seven years.


“The practical advice is great and straight forward. Excellent breakdown of strategies and how they interrelate. Well prepared presentations. Comprehensive line-up of examples.”

— Kevin T., Founder & Managing Partner, Houston, TX