What We do

Financial Clarity Consulting is distinctive in the work that we do, the clients we serve and the talent we attract.

We have helped clients develop and execute financial strategies that are driven by an exceptional understanding of financial engineering success. Our financial strategy consultants and part-time CFOs apply the Financial Clarity Blueprint™ across all industries, enabling clients to align their infrastructure, businesses, and resources to meet marketplace demands in a way that is meaningfully differentiated from their competitors.

Typical clients engage Financial Clarity Consulting because we offer:

  • An opportunity to focus exclusively on Financial Strategy and growth strategy work,

  • A collaborative work environment, enabled by colleagues who are alumni of the best academic and business institutions,

  • An entrepreneurial spirit of ‘each of us and all of us’ that fuels individualized opportunities for personal growth and development at the firm,

  • An expansive client base, including leaders in life sciences, health care, retail and other exciting industries,

  • And a unique, individually crafted experience that maximizes personal and intellectual enrichment, positive impact on clients and their growth.

Work-Life Balance

At Financial Clarity Consulting, we’ve built a business model around sustainable travel. The majority of our clients contact is maintained with conferencing tools and the telephone, thus maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

Are You The Ideal Candidate?

We hire remarkable individuals with a passion for consulting, an appetite for success, and an unquenchable sense of curiosity. No one quality defines a successful consultant, but these are the characteristics we look for in an ideal candidate:

  • Problem solving: Our financial strategy consultants and CFOs are problem solvers, assisting leaders with their most complex business challenges. We hire candidates with top-notch intellectual abilities, as well as innovative approaches for achieving results.

  • Impact: If you are committed to positively affecting an organization’s success, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a proud legacy of generating quantifiable results that positively affect our client’s revenues, profits, and cash flow.

  • Leadership: At Financial Clarity Consulting, team member leadership skills are critical to driving positive change within our client organizations. Your voice and ideas are respected regardless of your tenure.

  • Creativity: We look for out-of-the-box thinkers that have the ability to transcend traditional patterns and ideas, in order to draw insights from ambiguity, furthering our clients’ meaningful results.

Our current strategy consultants and CFOs are recognized for their unique approach to our client financial strategy and thus growth. We seek accomplished innovators with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and life passions. 

Please submit your resume and any supplemental information directly to Stanislav at sz@financialclarityconsulting.com.