Now There’s a Smart & Easier Way to Grow Your Revenue, Optimize Your Profit, and Manage Your Cash Flow.


If you’re like many Founder / CEOs, the desire to run a financially healthy company hits close to home.

Perhaps you have experienced a declining revenues and now you’re concerned about a recession, or maybe your profit margins have been eroding you’re struggling to find money leaks.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to help make it easy to gain financial clarity so you can start experiencing a life of purpose and profit.

By leveraging the Financial Clarity Blueprint™ you will not only learn our unique, proven step-by-step program, but you will also gain strategic insights and tactical enhancements to your company’s finances so you can reap the benefits right away.

Plus, we’ve made it simple to integrate the Blueprint into your busy professional life.

What is Financial Clarity Blueprint™?

It delivers to your company a Transformational, step-by-step Financial Clarity blueprint™ is the evidence-based blueprint of business financial health and wellness on multiple levels, including Revenue, Profit, and Cash Flow areas of money.

Financial Clarity Blueprint™ is a method of personalized financial engineering that moves beyond Balance Sheet and Income Statement. It allows our clients to explore and uncover root causes of stagnation, margin erosion, and liquidity crunches to help CEO’s run smoother, stronger companies.

We created it to solve the problem of CEOs looking only at financial symptoms when driving their companies to restore it’s viability and to scale the growth they value.

Financial Clarity Blueprint™ complements, not replaces, the traditional areas of finance, accountancy, and treasury.


Financial Clarity Blueprint™ is Having a Powerful Impact on Founder / CEOs and Their Companies….


— Stanislav Zinkov, Founder & CEO

This COMPLETE Blueprint will give your financial clarity & confidence, control & insights to drive your company’s financial goals faster and easier.

The Financial Clarity Blueprint™ is divided into 6 parts - each emphasizing in an important part of overall company financial health. The program takes 12 months to complete for best results.

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The Power of the Transformational Financial Clarity blueprint™.

The Financial Clarity Blueprint™ is a strategic financial element that incorporates revenue, profit, and cash flow strategic plans and tactical tools for company’s comprehensive transformation and growth.

Using our proven program, Founder / CEOs work with us to develop and execute a plan that addresses their unique business needs so they can grow top-line, savor increased profits, and enjoy headache-free cash flow.

With our proven, customizable approach, we get started right away helping you meet your financial objectives, while growing your business.



Growth - Business Strategy Review & Enhancements

Discover and understand:

- 3 Principles of a Strategic Framework

- 4 Pillars of a Strategic Framework

- 4 Types of Business Strategy

- 4 Parts of the scope of a Strategic Review

Benefits include:

- the trade-offs that make our process easy to understand

- identifying the most common strategy development mistakes and how to avoid them.

- indicators to watch for in successful strategy execution

- improved performance and new growth opportunities

- increased confidence in leading your organization

... and SO much more!



Revenue - Strategy Development

Discover and understand:

- 9 Types of Revenue Models

- 4 Types of Revenue Management Levers

- 5 Step Revenue Management Process

- Revenue Management in your company

- 5 Step Revenue Management Process

Benefits include:

- get your financial clarity fast and easy

- overcome your current revenue problems so you can reach the level of success that you want, even if you’ve never had a “break-through year” before

- it will help you drive top-line growth

- its role in financial health of your company

- the hidden barriers and upper limits that keeps your

company unhealthy and “stuck”

... and SO much more!



Profit & Margin Strategy Development

Discover and understand:

- 3 Step Operating Margin Maximization Blueprint

- How to price products/services using high, low, and negative profit margins

- 2 most important questions when you choose between Profit and Growth

- 4 ways to increase profit in your company

- 3 Layers of Profitability

Benefits include:

- better management and control of expenses

- optimize your business to run more efficiently and easy even if profitability has been declining

... and SO much more!



Cash Flow

Strategy Development

Discover and understand:

- 6 ways of reducing amount of cash tied up in your company

- 8 Cash Flow Levers that positively impact Liquidity, Solvency, and Efficiency

- 3 Elements of Successful Cash Flow Management System

- 3 Sources of Cash Flow and how to leverage them

Benefits include:

- creation of tailored liquidity protocols

- improved growth and scale the right way

- identifying the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

... and SO much more!



Financing & Investing Strategy Development

Discover and understand:

- 10 Ways You Can Finance Your Company and how it affects your valuation.

- 2 most important elements of a successful relationship with your investors

- The most important advice to successfully work with bankers

- 5 guidelines for management of excess cash

Benefits include:

- get the most out of your money

- improved investment strategy

- improved borrowing leverage

... and SO much more!



Growth Projections & Forecasts

Discover and understand:

- 6 Easy Methods of Business Forecasting

- Cash Flow Forecasting Success System

- 5 Key elements of Financial Projections

- Which 2 values the world’s most successful Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are paying attention to

- 5 Steps to Better Financial Projections

Benefits include:

- Accurately and timely prediction of the amount of cash required

- Clear communication of your growth potential to your board and investment community

- Increase support of company’s stakeholders for your growth plans

... and SO much more!



Implementation & Results

We will partner with you Leverage your Growth Business Plan that allows you to align internal and external resources with minimum guesswork – no matter your company’s financial health. Additionally, we will help you apply the new Revenue, Profit, and Cash Flow strategies so you can successfully get your business to grow more quickly and fluidly, even if you’ve struggled with this in the past.

We do this by implement Investing & Financing strategies presented in easy to understand systems and technical guidance so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

We’ll help you understand which Key Performance Indicators to measure, monitor, and adjust based on what matters to your company the most.

What We Stand For

Inspired by the power of financial literacy, we put Founder / CEOs at the center of everything we do.

We offer value

Financial Clarity Blueprint™ is intended to help you —Founder / CEO — from overall strategy alignment and revenue & profit objectives to fluid cash flow that help you meet your financial goals.

We are transparent

Our personal Blueprint has no hidden fees. Ever. Same with our consulting & coaching. There’s no long-term commitment, just month-to-month with in advance agreed upon fee. We’re upfront about this kind of stuff.

We keep things simple

No jargon. No tricks. Just straight talk. Not to mention an intuitive, proven, easy to follow step-by-step system and real people answering.


“Excellent insights! Stanislav really knows how to grow and scale companies. The highest quality finance strategy framework I’ve ever come across.”

— Karen M., Founder and CEO, Seattle, WA


“The Financial Clarity Blueprint is perfect for CEO’s with challenging and unique schedules. It allows for great flexibility. Also, the educational content is excellent. I have incorporated much of what I learned in into my practice.”

— Phil T., CEO, Menlo Park, CA